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Listen to Melissa Chase National Radio Imaging VO Demo
Listen to Melissa Chase TV/ Toy / In Store / Commercial VO Demo
Listen to a Sample of Play Mornings with Melissa & Jack 















You can hear and see Melissa Chase and her voice on hundreds of radio & television commercials all over the country.

In addition to hearing her every morning on 103.7 Play, you may have listened to her shows on 103.7 The River (Richmond), Q94 (Richmond), KC101 (New Haven), Kiss FM  (Harrisonburg) and across the country on Kiss XM Radio 21. She's also been the voice for imaging on stations like WWDC, KSYN and WRXL.

Some of her non Radio & TV projects include being the voice for UniQlo and as the official voice of Sanofi's Auvi-Q Epinephrine Injector (click here to see a video of her with NFL player Jerome "The Bus" Bettis). She is also the voice for the new FDA-Approved Evzio Injection Device (click here for demo).



Please see Press Gallery for more media recognition.

*Voiceover & Acting Work Managed by:  Studio Center


*Brand Endorsement Managed by: SummitMedia 















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